The concept

In our view, the footwear world is not just an art, but a millennial art that millions of people love, and that’s why it deserves special attention in every detail. Our passion for it is shown in each and every one of our products.

Progress itself has changed the way shoes are made; thus, there’s also a different concept, but why? Factories which manufacture sneakers are currently more and more efficient in terms of production, but what about high quality, luxury, exclusivity and detail? We have taken all of the above into account.

Why choose us?

Bâbili’s philosophy combines the most traditional techniques and processes of production with the most fashionable and comfortable concept of a current sneaker.

We look for the best raw materials and components in the market; the best genuine leathers that are used for making dress and formal shoes are selected to manufacture our sneakers.

It’s not just about sneakers

High quality, experience, know-how, responsible production and professional detailing are our main values.

Bâbili comes from the city of Babylon, which is considered the first great city in History. That’s why there is an urban and modern design mixed with classic methods in our products; so, they go with both formal and informal styles.

Elegance, Modernism, Comfort